Opening Ceremony WTE Universitas Indonesia – CSR Paiton Energy

  • Peresmian PLTSa UI Paiton Energy

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Indonesia (FMIPA) UI and PT Paiton Energy have collaborated on the Waste to Energy CSR program, and now the University of Indonesia (UI) has a Waste Power Plant (PLTSa) with a potential of 234 kilowatt hours of electricity. PLTSa will be used in the Parangtopo UI laboratory and is a sustainable solution for UI waste management. On Wednesday, 1 December 2021, PLTSa was inaugurated at the UI Campus Convention Center in Depok, West Java. Prof. Ari Kuncoro, Chancellor of UI, and Koichiro Miyazaki, President Director of PT Paiton Energy, attended the event. In the Waste to Energy CSR Project program, Paiton Energy donated eight units of Biodigester machines that function as PLTSa. The machine operates by utilizing a maximum of two tons of organic waste and animal manure per day.

Apart from generating 234 kWh of electricity, the Biodigester machine also produces solid and liquid fertilizers for agriculture which can be utilized by UI’s assisted communities. Programs are categorized into three focuses, namely supporting company (plant) sustainability, socio-economic sustainability, and energy and environmental sustainability.

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